Evy Jacob

Glass Trays


Types of Glass Trays

Font Choices



Mini Square ... starting from $26
Mini Round ... starting from $28
Round ... starting from $34
Square ... starting from $42
Small ... starting from $36
Skinny ... starting from $42
Oval ... starting from $36
Big ... starting from $48
Big Round ... starting from $42
Custom ... starting from $26


For University Glass Trays, please specify the name and school that you want on the tray! The school's colors and full name will be used unless you specify otherwise. 

For Custom Art order, please place the order below and email us your high quality image (jpeg, pdf or Illustrator file) at oceanpaper@nyc.rr.com .

If you are interested in any of the paper or gift items from Evy Jacob, please use the form below to start a personalized order. We will get back to you very shortly, and usually within 48 hours.